About The Project

Our construction consultants in London were contacted by our client who wanted to completely transform their home with a stunning house extension. The extension was used to add a dining room, living room and kitchen through an open plan design. As our client was a homeowner, they were unfamiliar with the construction process, so they contacted Bhangals Construction Consultants to help with quantity surveying and contract administrating.

How Our Consultants Helped

Our quantity surveyor in London worked closely with the client to help with project finances and contractual relationships. This required our consultants to provide estimating services such as cost planning and builders tenders. Through these services, the client was able to determine costs and compare contracts before going ahead with their project.

Throughout the project, our team kept in touch with the client and contractors to ensure that the project was going well, and was at hand to provide advice when needed. If you have a home renovation project in mind, then our team are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you need estimates or contract documents, our quantitative surveyor in London is here to offer expert and professional services.


"Really happy with how well the project has gone and cannot thank the team at Bhangals Construction enough. Everything went swimmingly, and despite the project being a big and expensive one, thanks to Parm and his team, we managed to save a lot more money than we thought we would."