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What Is A Contract?

A contract document is a written document that defines the work and responsibilities under the construction contract. These documents are legally binding for both the owner and the contractor.

Our documents are ironclad and can provide the right level of protection for the completion of your project.

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Why Is A Building Contract Important?

It is crucial for the individual preparing for construction to fully understand what a contractor contract document entails. A failure here can cause a contractual flaw that will impact your domestic or commercial project.

There are various types of construction management contracts that we can prepare for your project. If you are unclear of exactly what you need, our expert team here at Bhangals Construction Consultants can talk you through your requirements. Below are some of the contract documents we can help you with.

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Construction Contract Agreement

This contractor contract document is the initial agreement that is held between the developer or the private property owner and the construction contractor.

This is a vital component of a construction contract. It is typically the main document that other documents will be attached to or referred to.

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Benefits Of Contractual Documents

Detailed, bespoke contract documents will prove invaluable throughout the building process, helping you to:

  • Enumerate all the work that is required as well as who is responsible.
  • Detail how the work must be performed and what materials need to be used.
  • Detail how any change orders will be handled.
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Building Project Drawings

A contract document will always include building plan drawings. These must be applicable to the work that is being completed with the domestic or commercial project.

These drawings could include blueprints for a project, or alternatively, it can be more simple drawings to go alongside the building specifications.

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Building Cost Estimate

Cost estimates provide a detailed report of all the costs for a particular building project, whether domestic or commercial. The breakdown is detailed in accordance with the specification and the tender drawings.

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What Can A Contract Document Cover?

When you use our service, the construction contract and the contract documents contained can include a variety of other details and variables. This includes:

  • Payment terms
  • Start dates
  • Duration of project
  • Liquidated damages
  • Retention
  • Special conditions
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