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Compare Contractors & Cost Plans

The analytical service compares the costings returned by your contractors. It can highlight which contractor is the best value for money and compares against our cost plan so you can decide which contractor to proceed with. The threat of making poor decisions can be a thing of the past.

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The Benefits Of Tender Analysis

  • Free project consultations ahead of any deal.
  • Leverage success from the experience of a team that has worked in the industry for decades.
  • Cut out the waste and know where you stand throughout the process.
  • Ensure that your project runs smoothly from the get-go.
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We’re here every step of the way to save you money.

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Quick Reporting With Clear Advice

You aren’t only paying for the reporting itself; you also require insight. Our team of experts have seen it all, allowing us to provide honest and clear advice regarding which options to choose. This ensures that your project has the strongest foundation to run smoothly, stay on budget and within your timeframe.

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What Should You Analyse?

It’s important to analyse more than the cheapest quote. These extra elements are key to making the right choice. Criteria points need to include:

  • Key dates
  • Goods being purchased
  • Contractor fits the businesses profile
  • Points that may require further discussion

Existing Relationships Or Getting The Best Deal?

Existing relationships with contractors are great, but they shouldn’t cost you getting the best deal. Bhangals Construction Consultants removes any sentiment from the equation, focusing solely on the best deal for the status of the project from a financial, logistical, and convenient viewpoint. Nothing else truly matters.

Our experienced consultants are waiting for your call.

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How Can A Tender Analysis Help?

A tender analysis isn’t only there to support you individually. The document is a vital file for the whole team, and the clear advice and presentation ensure that all team members are on the same page.

Avoiding confusion makes for far greater collaborations and prevents interpretation errors. Through careful moderation, robust results are guaranteed, which will give you a better shot at choosing the right bids in all aspects of the preparation phases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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