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What Are The Benefits Of Our Estimates?

Bhangals Construction Consultants provides the highest level of accuracy when determining the costs of your project. Estimates will be delivered that can be within 10% of the final cost of the project.

  • We use software for quantity takeoffs to ensure that measurements are as accurate as possible.
  • We are not restricted to pricing any items. The advantage of this is we will not exclude items, so your estimate will be thorough.
  • All our team are in-house, so if you would like to discuss your project, we can arrange a call with the estimator prior to starting.
  • We use your company logos and details on the estimate to give your client that personal touch.
  • You get a fully editable copy of your documents which you can use to change yourself if you wish, but we are always on hand to help.
  • We use standard builders’ quantities to measure; however, if you would like us to use an alternative method of measurement, please do let us know when you send your documents over.
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Our estimates are exclusively tailored to you.

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What Is Needed For An Estimate?

For the most detailed estimate, drawings need to be clear, true to the fact and to scale. They need to be complete and dimensioned. To provide a building tender for your project, we will require the following data:

  • The exact nature and specifications, as well as the class of material that will be used.
  • Sections, plans, as well as any other relevant details related to the work completed.
  • Rates for which different work will be carried out.
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We Can Help You With The Following Estimates

Our reputable team have extensive experience working on both commercial and residential projects of all scales, providing the following estimating services:

Outline Costs

An outline cost is suited to our clients who have no drawings but know exactly what they are looking for. We will run through measurements, job specifications, and other details before devising an outline cost. This will not be used to negotiate but instead to provide a speculative cost.

Budget Estimate

For our clients at the early planning stages, our team can develop a budget estimate which offers a less in-depth quote. This can prove hugely beneficial not only for builders and contractors but also for property developers and homeowners.

Full Estimate

We will develop a full estimate by determining the costs and quantities of everything that a contractor will be expected to complete for a project; it is the most reliable form of estimate.

Schedule of Works

Your Schedule of Works will be created bespoke by our team and include a summary of works, including a grand total and a breakdown of each element, categorised into sub-sections.

Bill of Quantities

Our Bill of Quantities provides an itemised list of the quantities you will need for each item to complete the project. This will include materials, parts and labour, providing accurate projection.

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