Quantity Surveying for Clients – Professional Quantity Surveying can save you up to 20% of your build costs…

How do we save you money?

  • We GUARANTEE to beat any like for like written quotation.
  • Pricing Document – Our pricing document allows you to analyse contractor quotes quickly and easily.
  • Cost Management – We prevent over spending by liaising closely between client and contractor in order to identify possible over spend issues early and manage them efficiently.
  • Cost Plan – We produce a detailed cost plan before you begin your project, giving you an accurate budget to work to.
  • Example Cost Plan
  • Cost Controls –Projects become unfeasible due to poor cost control and poor project management – We pride ourselves on excellence at both controlling project costs and efficient project management.
  • Feasibility Reports – We produce feasibility reports for construction projects, including the demographics of the scheme, highlighting the financial viability of the project.
  • Example Feasibility Report
  • Procurement – We can help you to find cheaper suppliers and negotiate better deals.
  • Cost Reduction – We have several tried and tested strategies that will help you to reduce your costs.
  • Accurate Build Costs – We can provide you with accurate build costs prior to applying for planning permission & paying an architect, so you can be confident that your project will be adequately funded from the outset.
  • Pricing Platform – We produce a pricing platform for you to send out to your preferred contractors, ensuring that the quotations you receive are all like for like and inclusive of all elements of the build.
  • Life Cycle Cost Reports – We produce life cycle cost reports, which allow you to make sound decisions on each element of the project by comparing the overall cost of installation and ongoing usage, so you save money in the longer term too.
  • Complete Project Costings – We remove all of the nasty surprises from your build by advising of all costs you will need to allow for including; Engineers, Surveys, Designers, etc
  • Ongoing Cost Management – We monitor construction costs on a pre-agreed schedule (Usually fortnightly or monthly). We take care of variations during that period and ensure that these are reasonable, we also send you a report to highlight the variations which have arisen during that period.
  • Completed Works Valuation – We value work on a pre-agreed schedule (Usually fortnightly or monthly) to ensure you are paying for work that has been carried out and are not over paying the contractor.
  • Forecasting Stage Payments – We help you to forecast future payments so you know what to expect when, and don’t face any nasty surprises.
  • Final Accounts – We produce a final account document which sets out all construction costs including variations which will highlight total spend.

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