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Programme of Works


Programme Of Works.

Detailed Forecasting. Decades Of Experience.

Every construction project worker knows that time is money, which is why strategic planning is essential for keeping the work on task to reach its completion on time and budget. The Programme of Works is a detailed document that can have a telling impact for the whole team on the construction of your domestic or commercial project.

Here at Bhangals Construction Consultants, our team of experienced, quantity surveyors are capable of returning highly accurate files that provide the guidance needed, before taking the next logical steps. Let’s discuss your requirements today.

Key Benefits

  • Free project consultations for all prospective clients.
  • Save time and money to reduce waste to win more contracts and gain fewer rejections.
  • Gain deeper insight into the projected scheduling of the works you propose to take on.
  • Keep all members of your team in the know during this key process.

Plot The Process in Style

Planning each stage of the project with greater accuracy prevents a range of problems for your team. We can produce a detailed programme of works to highlight how long each task should take and look at the anticipated project duration. This can support you when building your projects.


Keep Clients In The Know

An accurate Programme of Works isn’t only great news for your business. It allows you to provide clients with accurate plans that will provide far clearer insight into the bid proposal. Aside from enhancing the bidding process, it enables you to provide greater clarity throughout the project.

Versatile Programme Of Works

Bhangals prides itself on helping as many people as possible and our detailed programme of works can be used for various projects including self-builds. Contractors, project managers, builders, architects, and related personnel can all see huge benefits from using the programme of works.




Smoother Time Management

If the company is responsible for completing several projects simultaneously, knowing how long each stage of the project will take is essential for managing your workload. Our experts can plot the time scales of the construction project, allowing you to sync up multiple projects with ease.

Improve Diligence

Not all programmes of work will guarantee that projects will be completed to satisfactory standards. However, our team have the industry backgrounds needed to factor in all elements and provide you with clear insight so that you can concentrate on providing clients with a full and thorough service.


Incorporation Within Construction Contracts

While there are no set standards on the programme of work, it is a document that should specify various features including commencement dates, the chronology of works to be conducted, and the completion dates. Our experts cover all the bases to make it a legally sound and functional document.

Integration With Other Building Documents


The programme of work is just one of several key documents that should be provided to the client and used to drive the team forward. Our user-friendly documents are designed to work in conjunction with other property development files such as the Bill of Quantities and Tender Analysis for smooth work.


Bhangals Construction Consultants are on your side.

We are here to make sure that you are always covered, for all circumstances.

If you are looking for a programme of works for your construction project within the United Kingdom or Europe, please do get in contact today to speak with one of our expert consultants here at . - 01604 871806

Example Programme of Works

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