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On average, we can save our clients 27.8% of construction costs. With our decades of experience, we know the ins and outs of the industry, and can provide a clear, concise plan and reporting that helps you see exactly what you get when you partner with us. Interested in a free project consultation?


Key Benefits

Free project consultations

We have saved clients on average 27.8% on construction costs

Decades of experience

Clear and concise documents




Feasibility Costing

This is a review of the planning drawings or sketch plans to provide a very basic elemental price, this is completed prior to any design or development, to give an indication of the anticipated budget for the project or development.

Cost Planning

A detailed costing with all the build elements broken down into individual sections this is also used when doing a tender analysis to cross compare against contractor’s quotes.


Schedule of Works

We can create a fully detailed schedule of works for you to send out to your contractors. The document will contain a summary of works with a grand total and breakdown each element of the works into sub-sections. The idea is that you have a pricing platform that your builders follow, so you can easily compare quotes on a like for like basis.

Bill of Quantities

If produced from Architectural drawings, this document is a full ‘take off’ and measure to itemise the works on the drawings. The bill of quantities can be sent out to your shortlisted contractors to provide a pricing platform, which is easy to analyse once the tenders have been returned.


Tender Analysis

When the tenders have been returned by your contractors, this is an analysis service which compares the costings between contractors and against our cost plan. This can highlight which contractor is better value for money and potentially decide which contractor to proceed with.

Value Engineering

If you find your project is coming in over your anticipated budget and want to make savings, we will look at various methods to cut back the scheme or reduce the specification to get the project value to the desired level.

We do not provide a price to do this at fee proposal stage as this may not be required, however, we can carry out this service for an additional fee.



We can produce a detailed programme of works to highlight how long each task should take and look at the anticipated project duration.

Contract Documents

This is a bespoke construction contract. The contract will include payment terms, project duration and specific project information.


Pre-Start Meeting

This is to ensure any issues are ironed out prior to the commencement of the project.

Valuations & Site Visits

This service can be used to monitor construction progress and ensure you are charging your client for works completed. We will also help you monitor and manage any variations on the project 


Final Account

This is a review of the final balance of the project in order to sign-off works successfully completed including any release of retention monies.