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What Is A Schedule Of Works In Construction?

A Schedule Of Works is a detailed document that our clients can send out to their contractors, which they will price. The document will contain a summary of works with a grand total and a breakdown of each element of the works into sub-sections. This document is suited to homeowners, architects and property developers as this can be used for tendering purposes.

How Does Building Schedule Of Works Help?

With a building Schedule of Works, it will become far easier to compare the prices produced by contractors. Every tender will be laid out the same, clearly stating what is included and excluded, allowing you to work on a like-for-like basis. Many of our clients combine their Schedule of Works with a cost plan as this helps to negotiate and ultimately save more time and money.

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Our Schedule Of Works are exclusively tailored to you.

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How Can Schedule Of Works Be Used?

A Schedule of Works in construction, along with the supporting documents, can be used for the following:

Our team have saved our clients millions of pounds.

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Why Choose Bhangals Construction Consultants?

Our team of expert planners carefully construct an itinerary for your project, drawing up a Schedule of Works that you can use as a selling point for your services.

  • Free consultation for all prospective clients
  • Keep all of your members informed on the timeline for your project
  • Gain insight into scheduling and possible issues you may encounter

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Frequently Asked Questions

"I have been coming to Bhangals for years now after they helped us with our £4 million project. We had worked with other consultants in the past, and they were often hard to get hold of or left things out of the estimates that had a knock-on effect. We like that Bhangals give you detailed documents, including everything, so you can make sure nothing has been missed out before sending it over to the client. They have managed to save us so much money over the years, and without their help, our projects would not have come together so nicely."