About The Project

Our construction consultants in Northampton have been working with a client to help plan for their project. This project required the demolition of existing commercial units and a new build formed of structural steel frame with cavity brickwork. The client wanted the finest Italian bricks imported with a curved anodize aluminium roof.

How Our Consultants Helped

As this was a community project using public money, our consultants were required to tightly manage the budget to ensure that the money was used correctly and that the project remained within the allocated amount. To achieve this, our consultants were required to complete construction calculations in Northampton, which included budget estimating, builders tenders and cost planning. These services ensure that the client not only knows exactly what they are spending and on what, but can also help them to compare quotes for labour, material and plant.

To monitor spending and the project, our team took responsibility for all project management. This included valuations and site visits, which allowed us to make sure that the project was staying on time and to budget. If your project requires similar management and requirements, why not give us a call to start saving time, money and stress?


"Managing our budget was a key feature of our project, so when we were looking for a quantity surveyor and project manager, we wanted someone that we could trust to stay organised and help us keep on track. After speaking with a consultant, we instantly felt confident with their abilities and decided to go ahead. We are so glad that we did, as the entire team have been absolutely outstanding. not only did they help us to stay on budget, they even managed to save us some money."