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Quantitative Surveyor

Your dedicated quantitative surveyor in Luton is here to help you make cuts to costs, ensuring that you deliver your project either on or under budget time and time again. Whether you are a homeowner looking to build an extension, or you are a property developer designing a new estate, we are here every step of the way for a smooth project. From expert advice to successful processes, no matter what assistance you need, we are always just a phone call away.

We provide pre-contract and post-contract services to help you start your project while also offering support if you hit a hurdle. Our services have been proven to help clients stay on track and within budget, winning us multiple awards for excellence. This gives you peace of mind that whether you need help on a small project or a multi-million-pound build, our quantity surveyor in Luton has the experience you need to succeed.

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Construction Consultants

With our construction consultants in Luton, you can design services that are tailored to you; this means including special requirements. Not only this, but you can fully customise your documents with logos and branding, giving you a bespoke solution that provides professionalism and consistency.

We also recognise that it can be hard to understand information and where costs come from, which is why we will always break down construction calculations in Luton. By breaking down costs, you know exactly how much you are paying and for what, which allows you to compare quotes and cut costs. Additionally, breaking down costs can provide the client with a clear understanding of their project, making it perfect for builders and architects.

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Construction Estimates & Calculations

Construction estimates in Luton are beneficial as they provide you with an insight into how much your project will cost. With every estimate we provide, we ensure that you are given an accurate representation of costs by including everything you need and excluding anything that your project does not require. This ensures that there is no underestimation that could be detrimental to your project. Take a look at how we can help with construction calculations in Luton.

Construction Project Manager

Ensuring that you have a reliable, trustworthy and experienced construction project manager in Luton is our top priority. For this reason, you will only ever be paired with an experienced, professional and highly qualified quantitative surveyor in Luton to ensure your project is in safe hands. We can help to manage your project with services such as programme of works and method statement, ensuring that you stay on track and meet regulations.

If you find yourself going over budget and need help to cut costs, then our project management contractor in Luton can provide you with value engineering services. This is where we identify areas within the construction process that can be altered to cut costs. As our project management contractor in Luton is highly experienced, only necessary cuts will be made, and there will be no disruption caused to your project.

Why Choose Us?

We are a highly regarded team providing pre-contract and post-contract services, and have been doing so for decades. Our clients always return for our services, saving them money by improving processes and making cuts to costs. With our construction estimates in Luton, our clients are guaranteed to stay on or fall under budget.

10+ Years Of Experience

Bhangals Construction Consultants has been providing clients with exceptional services since 2010.

Accurate Calculations

To ensure that you have the right calculations, we include and exclude everything you need.

We're Here Throughout

We provide you with expert advice throughout your project from start to finish.

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