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Quantitative Surveyor

Our proven strategies have won us multiple awards and saved our clients up to 27% on their construction process. This is achieved through decades of experience, an abundance of knowledge and specialist methods to save time, money and more. We aim to ensure that your construction project goes smoothly and that you stay on or under budget. To help you make these incredible savings, our quantitative surveyor in Harpenden will provide you with advice and services to keep you on track.

We offer pre-contract and post-contract services that can be used from the start of your project or to help you get over an unexpected hurdle. Whether you need costs or contracts, our quantity surveyor in Harpenden can provide specialist help through decades of experience. Your contracts and documents can also be fully customised with your branding and logos to instil professionalism and provide confidence to help you win contracts.

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Construction Consultants

Are you a homeowner looking to build an extension but not sure how much it will cost? Or are you a builder trying to win a contract from a property developer? Our construction consultants in Harpenden have years of experience providing services to various people in the construction industry, and can help you to stay on track and within budget.

Right at the start of your project, we can offer development advice to ensure that your project is looked over by our professional experts, and throughout your project, our quantitative surveyor in Harpenden will ensure that you are provided with accurate advice. If you find that your project is going to overrun your budget, then we can also provide you with value engineering that can help to make cuts to costs. In the final stages of your project, we can then offer final account services to calculate your final costs, ensuring complete accuracy.

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Construction Estimates & Calculations

It is important that you start your project right with construction estimates in Harpenden, as this will give you an accurate understanding of how much your project will cost. We work with you to ensure that your construction calculations in Harpenden are reliable, so you do not have to worry about underestimation.

Construction Project Manager

Our team consists of a range of experts that can provide knowledge, experience and expertise, ensuring that your quantity surveyor, estimator and construction project manager in Harpenden is trustworthy and reliable. We aim to put you first in the construction process, keeping you updated on everything so you can focus on the build or your business. Your dedicated project management contractor in Harpenden can complete site visits and valuations throughout your project, making sure that contractors are working to your budget and time scale.

There is an abundance of benefits to having site visits completed by experts. Firstly, it ensures that contractors and teams are following method statements and the programme of works. Secondly, it makes sure that you can meet deadlines set for or by clients. We highly recommend implementing value engineering with your site visits if you are going over budget, as this is the perfect opportunity to make cuts to costs, ensuring that you stay on or under budget.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a dedicated, experienced and honest project management contractor in Harpenden, then you have come to the right place. We offer our clients a transparent service, ensuring that you follow every element of the process. Additionally, we provide concise documents that are easy to understand for both you and your client.

Decades Of Experience

With experience comes knowledge, and we want to share our decades of expertise with you to ensure optimum results.

Fully Managed Projects

Your construction project manager in Harpenden will fully manage every step of the process from estimates to site visits and final accounts.

Trusted By Our Clients

As a reliable team, we ensure that our clients understand every step of the process by offering advice at every stage.

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"I have been working with Bhangals Construction Consultants on my projects for some time now, and they always come through. They have always helped me when I need them, and they are always so on top of things."

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