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Value Engineer

Value Engineer

Cutting Costs. Retaining Quality & Satisfaction.

Even with the best intentions, the costs of a construction project can come in over budget. If you find your project is coming in over your anticipated budget and want to make savings, we will look at various methods to cut back the scheme or reduce the specification to get the project value to the desired level. With our team of experienced professionals at your disposal, reaching a more appropriate solution for your project. Let’s discuss your need today.

Key Benefits

  • Free project consultations to check suitability.
  • Get the project back on track (and budget) with tweaks and adjustments rather than abandonment.
  • Receive clear advice that can be implemented quickly to prevent further project delays.
  • Can be used on projects of varying types and sizes.

Cut Costs Not Corners

While bringing your project costs back down to earth is crucial, you can’t fall into the trap of making decisions that will come back to haunt you. All of our suggestions take the long-term health and practicality of the building into account, ensuring that you can implement changes in good faith.


Information Analysis

By gathering data relating to the objectives, key criteria, and definition of value during the opening phases, our experts can identify which areas of the project where the cutbacks are most likely to fall under. The initial guidance provides a solid foundation to build an effective cost-cutting strategy upon.

Speculation Planning

Data analysis and idea formulation processes allow the team to identify cost-cutting plans that can reduce the initial overheads or make lifecycle savings without sacrificing quality or function. Any budget-saving changes will be made with the best interests of the revised project in mind.





An idea that seems to work in theory may fall short after a little analysis. The evaluation processes give our team a chance to scrutinise proposed ideas to separate the wheat from the chaff. This procedure allows the team to confirm which elements require further attention before submission.

Development Processes

Ideas need to be developed into workable strategies. Bhangals Construction Consultants uses all of its experience and expertise to consider the positive and negative elements along with the costings, preparing them for submission and actual integration into a revised project construction strategy that hits the mark.


Presentation & Decision Making

Any proposed changes cannot be made without formal documentation. Clients, users, and designers may be invited to a formal presentation that indicates what changes can be made along with the savings they will bring and any impact on the project that may occur as a result. This is before getting the green light.

Integration Of Other Documents

Any proposed amendments need to be analysed in regards to how they impact the whole project. As such, our experts will utilise value engineering in conjunction with other property development tasks including tender analysis to provide the most thorough and logistical suggestions every time.


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