What Is Our Material Takeoff Service?

Material takeoff (MTO) plays an essential role in any project estimation process. It involves constructing a list of the materials and quantities required to complete the works in question. In order to use our material takeoff service, you will need existing blueprints, architectural drawings or project plans.

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What Does A Material Takeoff Include?

  • 1Material: First, each and every material will be individually listed, from timber, bricks and concrete to electrical cables and plumbing pipes.
  • 2Quantity: Each material will be accompanied by an accurate quantity, determined using your existing paperwork, such as your Schedule of Works.
  • 3Description: Lastly, items are described in detail, which will act as a reference when placing orders. This is ideal for those who have special requirements, such as a specific treatment required for lumber.
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What Are The Different Material Takeoff Measurements?

Different quantities will be used during the takeoff stage based on the type of material being measured. The four main quantity categories are as follows:


Products such as windows, doors and light fixtures will be quantified by a simple count as they are prefabricated. You will be provided with a number of how many of the particular items you will need to order.


Should an item quantity be determined using length, you will also be given dimensions such as diameter to ensure accuracy. This typically relates to materials such as steel piping, lumber and cables.


The area measurement is provided in square feet and is used when the material in question will be used to cover a surface, for example, determining how many flooring tiles you will require.


For projects involving liquid materials, volume is the best method of measuring quantities. Concrete and asphalt are two common examples of materials that will be quantified using volume.

What Is Our Material Takeoff Service?

Our material takeoff service delivers tailored, detailed documentation to streamline the estimating and planning process. More benefits include the following:

  • Ensures accurate cost planning and Bills of Quantities, preventing underestimation
  • Allows for better collaboration between developers and contractors
  • Prevents wasted money down to over-ordering on materials
  • Simplifies the construction process by ensuring that the correct materials are on site when they are needed

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