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What Is A Programme of Works?

The programme of works is a detailed document that can have a telling impact for the whole team on the construction of your domestic or commercial project. Planning each stage of the project with greater accuracy prevents a range of problems for your team. We can produce a detailed programme of works to highlight how long each task should take and look at the anticipated project duration. This can support you when building your projects.

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How Does A Programme of Works In Construction Help?

An accurate programme of works in construction isn’t only great news for your business. It can also help to give your clients peace of mind before the construction process begins and during the project.

  • Provides accurate plans
  • Offers clearer insight into the bid proposal
  • It enables you to provide greater clarity throughout the project
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Can Programme Of Works Be Customised?

Bhangals Construction Consultants prides itself on helping as many people as possible, and our detailed programme of works can be used for various projects, including self-builds. Contractors, project managers, builders, architects, and related personnel can all see huge benefits from using the programme of works in construction.

The Benefits Of A Programme Of Works

Due to the detailed nature of the programme of works, it can prove hugely advantageous for every individual involved in the project. Just some of the benefits to creating one with our experts include:

Smoother Time Management

Our experts can plot the time scales of the construction project, allowing you to sync up multiple projects with ease.

Improved Diligence

Professional programme of works factor in all elements and provide you with clear insight.

Integrates Into Other Documents

The programme of work is just one of several key documents that should be provided to the client and used to drive the team forward.

What Documents Can Be Paired With Programme Of Works?

Our user-friendly documents are designed to work in conjunction with other property development files such as:

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