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What’s Included In A Construction Method Statement?

Our experienced quantity surveyors can prepare the construction method document to take all key elements into account, which can also be used to provide clients with added clarity. Factors including hazards and inventory will need to be factored into your document to ensure that your project runs smoothly and that there is no room for error.

It Outlines Hazard & Obstacles

The construction method statement plots out every step of the contracting process to ensure that all hazards at every stage of the journey are completed to the highest safety standards by detailing any potential safety risks.

It Helps To Plan Inventory

Before starting any project, it’s vital to order all necessary tools, materials, and equipment for the site. Detailed method statements prevent any threat of overlooking key items.

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How Can A Method Statement Help?

While the method statement is primarily designed to plan the process to avoid problems, it’s still possible that outside factors can impact the situation. A detailed method statement looks for the most practical solutions and considers potential changes that may occur.

It can also help to keep clients in the know in terms of time and budget projections before committing to any contractor. The mission statement is a key document that provides accurate insight, allowing clients to make more calculated decisions.

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What Are The Different Types Of Method Statements?

It is important to determine the goals and roles of the three main types of method statements to ensure that your project runs smoothly in every aspect.

Tender Method Statement

  • Construction operation
  • Types of resources
  • Construction management
  • Quality maintenance
  • Timescales
  • Company policies
  • Procedures (e.g. traffic and waste management)

Construction Method Statement

  • Operation plan
  • Entry & exit routes
  • Lighting
  • Plant & equipment
  • Emergency plans
  • Safety equipment instructions
  • Training & supervision

Safety Method Statement

  • Work sequence
  • Supervision
  • Monitoring
  • Hazards
  • Emergency procedures
  • First-aid
  • PPE schedules
  • Training controls

Provide Your Employees With Clear Details

Transparency is everything during the building project, particularly as you need teams to work in unison. The method statement offers a chronological look at every step of the project, allowing all builders to think about the next phase of the process. This leads to far more logical work for quick results.

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Create A Full Project Strategy With Our Consultants

Our method statements will include details about the project and specific construction methodology, giving you a clear understanding of the method that needs to be taken to ensure a steady and smooth running project. The method statement is used alongside the following:

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Why Choose To Work With Us?

Only the best results will do for your project. Leveraging success by gaining an outside perspective provided by a team of experienced professionals in the field of method statements can make all the difference.

  • All documents are presented in an easy-to-digest fashion that supports builders and clients alike.
  • Free project consultations to discuss method statement requirements.
  • Save time and money in the long run through clear and detailed planning.
  • Avoid delays, setbacks, and miscommunications with the client.
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