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Why Use A Quantity Surveyor When You’re In A Construction Dispute?

A construction dispute is not uncommon and often relates to time, money, or quality issues. The root of the problem is typically caused by poor pre-contract negotiations or project paperwork, leading to misunderstandings further down the line. This makes a quantity surveyor the perfect candidate for offering unbiased, independent advice to resolve your construction dispute. They can analyse contracts, provide consequential costings, and much more.

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Our Building Dispute Team Can Help With…

Just a few examples of the cases our construction dispute resolution team can advise on include:

  • Payment Problems
  • Delayed/Incomplete Works
  • Contract Terminations
  • Third-Party Contractor Issues
  • Property Damage/Defects
  • Overpayment
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We’ve advised on projects with values up to £15m.

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Our Construction Dispute Resolution Services

Construction Mediation

During construction mediation, we will work closely with all parties involved to reach a common ground and negotiate settlement options, preventing the dispute from escalating to court. Our mediators are highly skilled in construction mediation, handling situations involving projects of all scales for both commercial and residential building works.

Construction Adjudication

Construction adjudication remains the most commonly used method of resolving disputes in the industry. As it is a document only process, the turnaround is typically fast, and the cost is affordable. As your dedicated construction adjudication expert, we can cover the following on your behalf:

  • Dispute Reviews
  • Notices Of Adjudication
  • Referrals
  • Strategies
  • Responses

Construction Expert Witness

We have over 15 years of industry experience and have built extensive knowledge in all areas of the construction field. As your construction expert witness, we will provide independent, professional advice to prepare you for the case and help you to reach a fair outcome. We recommend enlisting the support of our construction expert witness as early in the case as possible.

Valuations Of Work

In a building dispute, it may be beneficial to assess the value of the work completed on site in order to determine potential damages and create terms for negotiations. Our quantity surveyors are highly knowledgeable in site valuations, able to support contractors, property developers, architects and more.

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"I used Bhangals Construction’s negotiation services to resolve a payment dispute I was caught up in and honestly could not thank them enough for their help. Their advice was invaluable and they took the time to answer any questions I had, explaining everything in detail to make sure I was 100% confident with my case. The dispute was resolved quickly and I got the outcome that I wanted."