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What Role Does Construction Administration Play?

Once the architect and design documents for the project have been completed, and you are ready to start the build, our consultants can help with construction administration. Expert consultants will create a list of items that will need to be addressed before completion. This allows you to establish whether the work completed is to the client’s expectations, minimising wasted time and money.

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How Can Construction Contract Administration Help?

Construction contract administration protects you from mishaps and ensures that you are getting what you are paying for. Below are some elements of contract management in construction:

Reviewing Submittals

Construction documents will be reviewed to ensure they are executed as outlined in the design specifications.

Approving Changes

As part of our construction administration, our consultants will review changing orders to planned works when alterations are needed.

Enforcing Building Code

Bhangal Construction Consultants will ensure that building codes are followed to meet regulations and safety controls.

Finding Supplies

When building materials don’t meet your expectations, we can help you to find an appropriate replacement.

Running over budget? Our construction administrator can cut costs!

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Site Visits Help Your Project Run Smoothly

During the construction process, it is important to complete site visits to ensure that the project is running to schedule and on budget. Construction contract administration services come with the benefit of regular inspections completed by professionals as well as helping you to cut costs when your project is forecast to run over budget. With Bhangals Construction Consultants, you can reduce the risks or mistakes while saving money in the process.

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Helping You To Save Time & Stay On Budget

We deliver peace of mind by offering construction administration that works for you. Our consultants take the stress out of your project by saving you time and money through refined processes and services. Just some of the construction contract administration tasks we cover include:

  • Chairing meetings
  • Inspecting works
  • Giving instructions (e.g. change orders)
  • Determining applications for time extensions
  • Authorising interim payments
  • Certifying completion date
  • Settling the contract sum

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Frequently Asked Questions

"At first, we just wanted some estimates for our project, but after the quality of service we received, we decided to ask Bhangals Construction to help us with a few other bits. They have been really helpful whenever we have had a question, and they were excellent at finding places throughout the project where we could cut costs without affecting the end results. Overall, they were fantastic."