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Bill of Quantities


Bill of Quantities

Itemised Works. Incredible Accuracy.

Often referred to as BoQs, the Bill of Quantities is a very useful document that can be used to gain accurate projections regarding the quantities of each item needed in a proposed construction project. When done right, it can save the business a lot of time and money while simultaneously providing accuracy for the end client.

Bhangals Construction Consultants have decades of experience, we can produce accurate findings from the details and plans provided. Let’s talk about your requirements today.

Key Benefits of a Bill of Quantities

  • Free project consultations ahead of all agreements.
  • Gain access to a team of QSs that boast decades of experience in this field.
  • Save time and money in this key planning phase.
  • Provide clients with clear documents.

Taking Your Plans To Produce Accurate Results

Our experienced quantity surveyors have worked from virtually every type of blueprint, drawing, and diagram imaginable. Whichever methods you tend to use, we can work from your documents to provide accurate itemised lists of the necessary products for the project as well as their quantities.


Covering All Items Within Your Project

While you may think that you’ve covered all the bases, it’s not uncommon to let an item slip your mind. Bhangals provides itemised checklists that often cover features that you won’t have even considered. We leave no stone unturned, getting your project off to the best start as a result.

Keeping You Updated At All Times

Bhangals works with you to become a major asset in your arsenal. We pride ourselves in providing transparency in all aspects of the BoQ’s preparations. Even though we work with exceptional turnaround times, our regular updates are crucial for your sanity as well as the project management.




Professional Documents, Clearly Presented


While accurate lists are one thing, you also need to know what the documents mean. Our reader-friendly documents are sent in universally accessible, compressed, editable formats. This ensures that the files are sure to provide value to your plans.

Providing Clarity For Collaboration

You aren’t the only person that needs accurate results. Communication with all teams is essential and the bill of quantities can be sent out to your shortlisted contractors to provide a pricing platform, which is easy to analyse once the tenders have been returned to you by our staff.


Prepared To Your Requirements

Bhangals can prepare your bills of quantities using either the Builders Quantities, Standard Method of Measurement, New Rules of Measurement, or Agreed Rules of Measurement. This gives you optimum levels of flexibility and control to ensure that all tasks are completed to your requirements and preferences.

Bhangals Construction Consultants are on your side.

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