At Bhangals we understand the importance of our clients needs and wants, therefore our services are tailored to suit your specific requirements. With good communication, design and management we are able to reduce the likelihood of cost and time overruns. We offer fast, flexible and friendly solutions which include:


Quantity Surveying

A wide range of services for private clients, architects, property developers, contractors and sub-contractors. Helping your project become cost efficient.

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Estimating Services

A wide range of services for main contractors, sub contractors, general builders, trades and suppliers. Carrying out all the measurement, take off’s and tenders.

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Project Management

A wide range of services to help with project planning, project programmes, reports and onsite management to reduce the hassle and aggravation.

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iPhone App – Build Calculator

Quickly and efficiently get an idea of how much various types of residential developments could cost.

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Document Templates

Helping you monitor all areas of your project and ensure efficiency to help increase profits. These templates will reduce the amount of time you spend thinking about all the things you have not recorded.

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Development Consultants

Helping you organise any development from site acquisition to completion (a turnkey solution) or a bespoke package to suit your needs.

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