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    Did You Know? 8 Out Of 10 Developments Go Over Budget

    Are you looking for funding for land acquisition? Perhaps you need to cover pre-development costs? Or maybe you’re looking to cover your working capital?

    Regardless of the circumstances, access to sufficient funding is crucial for preventing your project from going over budget – and this is where our webinar comes in. Whether you’re a new or experienced developer, we will guide you through how to secure financing throughout the lifecycle of your project.

    During This FREE Webinar, You Will Learn:

    • How to strategically plan your funding
    • Tips for effective pitching and presenting
    • Strategies for financial modelling and projections
    • How to manage risks when securing funding
    • Advice for negotiating your funding options
    • How to structure your deals
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    Backed By Proven Strategies

    For more than 15 years, our webinar host, Parm Bhangal, has worked closely with developers to maximise their project success, all while building his own multi-million-pound portfolio. In this FREE webinar, Parm will dive deep into each phase of the fundraising process, sharing invaluable insight to help you plan, pitch, manage and deliver your development with confidence.

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