Our team celebrated Women In Construction Week during the week of the 6th March 2022 in order to encourage more women to get into the construction industry. At Bhangals, we believe in equal opportunities regardless of gender and other characteristics, and alarmingly a recent statistic from BigRentz showed that as of January 2022, of all the workers within the construction industry, only 10.9% are women.

Our team at Bhangals planned some fantastic things for the week, including a photoshoot to promote Women In Construction, promotion of their routes into the profession on our social channels and even an article feature on Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce’s website. Great work team!

Celebrating Women In Construction At Bhangals!

Q&A With Katie
Hear from our Operations Manager, Katie, on her route into the profession:

Q&A With Jasmin

An Interview With Our Estimator, Jas!

We caught up with one of our Estimators, Jas, about her experiences working in the industry as a woman:

How Did You Get Into The Construction Industry?

I started as an office administrator for a builders merchants at their HQ. The estimating department adopted me as their admin, which is where I started to see architects’ drawings every day and showed an interest in the estimators’ work. I was trained up in estimating and have been doing it ever since!

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working In Construction?

I enjoy the variety the most. I have a strong interest in architecture and design and enjoy seeing varying projects, whether it be via architectural packages or site visits.

Any Advice You Would Give To Women Who Are Looking To Go Into Construction?

Just go for it! Yes, it’s a male-dominated industry, but there is plenty of room for us girls too. Try not to overthink it and follow your passion!

How Do You Find Being A Woman In This Industry?

This is a hard question. Honestly, most of the time, I don’t feel any different. Over the 8 years I have been in the industry, I have noticed a huge increase of women in the field, which is amazing, and I only hope that continues. There is a place for everybody.

What Is Your Most Memorable Moment Working In Construction?

My first site visit was definitely a turning point for me. I loved being out on site, seeing a project in person and getting to chat with contractors.

What Is The Biggest Challenge With Being A Woman In The Industry?

It’s easy to feel like you need to “prove yourself” as a woman in construction, but you’re in this field for a reason – because it’s what you enjoy, and it’s what you’re good at. I think as long as you remember you have a place in your field and that you belong, that’s the main part.

Q&A Yasmyn

Hear From Our Estimator, Yasmyn!

Our Estimator, Yasmyn, also provided some great insight into the construction industry and the challenges faced as a woman within the industry:

How Did You Get Into The Construction Industry?

My dad is a builder, so I’ve been brought up around construction all of my life. When I turned 16, I got a job working for a local council with building surveyors, which then increased my interest in construction projects from start to finish.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working In Construction?

The variety of each project, every day is so different!

Any Advice You Would Give To A Woman Looking To Go Into The Construction Industry?

Just do it…. anything a man can do, you can do as well!

How Do You Find Being A Woman In The Industry?

I enjoy it, luckily I have always been treated the same as anyone else.

What Is The Most Memorable Memory For You?

I don’t have one particular moment, but I love working alongside other brilliant women in construction!

What Is The Biggest Challenge You Face Being A Woman In Construction?

Probably being underestimated because you are a woman, but you just have to remember that you are just as important, and you’re there for a reason!

Work With Us!

Thank you to all the hardworking women in our team and within the Construction Industry! If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our Careers page for current vacancies.

If you’re looking to work with us on a future project, we can help provide estimating and project management services. Get in touch with us today for more information.