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Services Tailored To Your Project

Here at Bhangals Construction Consultants, we provide clients with expert quantity surveying, accurate estimations and professional project management services, ensuring your project runs smoothly and stays within budget. Our wide collection of services and expertise allows you to utilise the knowledge and experience of our consultants while tailoring services to your requirements.

Clients We Work With

Whether it is a house extension or a large estate of new builds, our consultants can help to save time, money and stress throughout your project. We have worked with multi-million-pound developments worth £15 million as well as small scale projects for homeowners, tailoring each service to suit the needs and requirements of each project. Clients that we work with include the following:

Bhangals Construction Team

Services We Provide

We have been providing our clients with award-winning services for over a decade, helping them to cut costs and save over double our fees. In fact, on average, our clients save over 27% on construction costs through specialist services designed to lower costs and reduce downtime.

When working with our project management contractors, you have access to an array of knowledge and expertise to give you the advice you need. For example, before you begin your project, we can provide you with development and property advice, ensuring that the investment you make is the right one for you. After this, our consultants can deliver estimating services from budget estimating to cost planning and so much more. These estimating services give you a better understanding of how much your project will cost you, allowing you to decide whether to go ahead with the project or complete a project overhaul.

Our consultants will be with you every step of the way, offering advice that can help you to win contracts and cut costs when you are running over budget. Below is our list of services:



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