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Schedule of Works

Key Benefits

  • Free consultation for all prospective clients
  • Keep all of your members informed on the timeline for your project
  • Gain insight into scheduling and possible issues you may encounter
  • Win more contracts and save both time and money

Schedule Of Works

Professional scheduling. Decades of experience.

When it comes to a construction project, time is money. That’s why you must know precisely the order in which the various stages of the construction project will take place. A Schedule of Works is a programme that details how the construction project will unfold, creating an itinerary on which all stakeholders can agree.

A designer or a cost consultant usually prepare a Schedule of Works. It is a “without quantities” schedule, meaning that pricing information is omitted for brevity. Typically, a Schedule of Works is prepared alongside other documents, including specifications, drawings, preliminaries and the bills of quantity.

Schedules just detail the work that needs carrying out. They do not include detailed information about the project as you might find on the specification. At Bhangals Construction, we can help you create a schedule of works to fit alongside the rest of the building documents in your portfolio.

Keep Your Clients Up To Date

Your clients want to know the order in which you’ll carry out work and when you’ll finish. Without a schedule of works, however, it can be difficult for you to provide this information. Often, you have to guess.

At Bhangals Construction, our team is here to help. We work closely with you to develop a schedule of works that allows you to state with confidence what will be done by when. Our team of expert planners carefully constructs an itinerary for your project, drawing up a Schedule of Works that you can use as a selling point for your services.


Achieve Better Time Management

A Schedule of Works from Bhangals provides you with in-depth information on how long each phase of the project will take, allowing you to plan your time smoothly. Our experts give you accurate timescale estimates given your resources and toolset.



Create A More Compelling Pitch

By carefully calculating the time and order of the phases of the project, you can make a more compelling pitch to customers and win more business. You can show your customers how long work will take with confidence.


Identify Work And Materials Requires

A quality Schedule of Works provides you with all of the information that you need on the work and materials required. With this detailed information, you can do more effective planning and ensure that you put realistic timelines in place.

Integrate With Other Documents

Integrating the schedule of works with other key building documents is an integral part of the process. Our team can help you harmonise your documentation and provide you with user-friendly solutions that you can use in conjunction with your pre-existing paperwork. We design our Schedules of Work for use alongside the Bill of Quantities and the Tender Analysis. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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