iPhone App – Build Calculator

Are you looking to build a residential extension, new build house or carry out various types of residential development?

Are you a builder, architect, estate agent, surveyor or a construction professional?

Do you get asked how much it will cost to carry out an extension or an estimate of how much a residential development will cost?

Our build cost calculator can help you or your clients quickly and efficiently get an idea of how much various types of residential developments could cost.

How Does it Work?


All you need to do is pick the type of development you are looking to do e.g. Extension, Loft conversion, basement and many more.

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Enter the size of your proposed development, the kitchen budget and the number of bathrooms and the budget for these and it will give you an instant calculation.

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There is also the added feature of the advice page, which allows you to ask a professional quantity surveyor a question free of charge any time you want, it like having your own virtual quantity surveyor.

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Once you have got a budget figure from our build calculator for your proposed development please contact us on 0800 369 8988 or email us at info@bhangals.co.uk and we can help you put together a detailed cost plan [see attached example] which you can use to compare builders quotes.

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