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Full Estimates


Do You Need A Full Estimate?

An estimate is an expert calculation of the quantities of various work and services in construction and costs that will likely be accumulated through a project.

The estimated cost will be an approximation that is as close to the actual cost as possible. We use data bases as well as visualization to ensure that we provide an accurate report of the work and the costs involved.

Importance Of A Full Estimate

Using our service, you can avoid the issue of underestimation. This can ensure that you do not face any unexpected issues with the final cost of the project. Estimates can also ensure that the project can be adjusted to fit your financial requirements.

Alternatively, you may use an estimate to abandon a project or complete a full overhaul of your plans. If you are working with a client an over-estimation can cause you to lose a contract.

A full or detailed estimate is developed by determining the costs and quantities of everything that a contractor will be expected to complete for a project. It is the most reliable and arguably the best form of the estimate.



With a full estimate, Bhangals Construction Consultants can deliver the highest level of accuracy when determining the costs of your project. Estimates will be delivered that can be within 10% of the final cost of the project.



Necessary Data


To provide a full estimate for your project we will require the following data:

  • The exact nature and specifications as well as the class of material that will be used
  • Sections, plans as well as any other relevant details related to the work completed
  • Rates for which different work will be carried out.

For the most detailed estimate, drawings need to be clear, true to the fact and to scale. They need to be complete and dimensioned.


Information Provided

A full estimate from our business will be laid out clearly and break down the costs of everything including materials, plant, overheads, profit, and labour. We strive to ensure that each area of a full estimate is as accurate as possible and matches your individual project precisely.

We can provide an estimate for the quantities of different works of a project. Or, we can calculate the cost of each work.

Providing The Best Detailed Estimate

We use the most advanced, updated database so that our expert estimators can offer an accurate and comprehensive full estimation that will be valuable to the completion of your project.

The database we use reflects the change to the price of materials as well as a variety of other factors to ensure that our estimates are valid.


Bhangals Construction Consultants are on your side.

We are here to make sure that you are always covered, for all circumstances.

Please contact us today on 01604 871806 for an example of the type of full estimate that we can provide for your project. This example will clearly reflect the level of work that we can provide for you.

Example Full Estimates

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