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Your Branding, Our Experience

When we work with you we’ll use your company rates, logo and brand. We have an incredibly fast turnaround, at the most competitive prices and provide you with fully editable Excel documents. Speak to our Construction Consultants.


Key Benefits

We use your company rates (bespoke service)

We use your company logo and details

Fully editable documents

Fast turnaround available

We price schedules of works and bills of quantities

Our simple 5 step process:

1. Choose Your Service & Turnaround

Complete our form with details regarding your estimate, and choose how quickly you would like us to complete your build estimate. 

2. Upload Your Drawings

Upload or email over your drawings and any other relevant information and we’ll start working on a fast price quote.

3. Receive a Quote

Once we've reviewed your information, we'll email you a quote on completing your estimate. 

4. Get an Order Confirmation

Once you agree to the price quote, we'll confirm your order and get right to work for you. 

5. Get Your Estimate!

Once your estimate is ready we'll email it to you with a full breakdown of material and labour costs, so you know exactly what you purchased and how the work was completed.


Budget Estimates

Not sure if you’re going to win the work? Want to give your client an
outline of what the project may cost? We can help you produce a budget estimate which gives your client an outline of the anticipated costs based on assumptions of the elements of the build.
We’ll use your company details and logo on a fully editable document so it looks like it’s come from you. You’ll also receive a PDF version.

Full Estimates

We can produce fully detailed estimates that are broken down into each element and section of the build. The document will show enhanced descriptions of all the works, with quantities. We’ll send you a short questionnaire to give us an insight into your business and your rates and provide you with a labour, material and profit split that is based on the information provided.
We’ll use your company details and logo on a fully editable document so it looks like it’s come from you. You’ll also receive a PDF version.


Contract Documents

This is a standard construction contract and we can adapt the specific terms to meet your project requirements.


We can produce a detailed programme of works to highlight how long each task should take and look at the anticipated project duration.


Method Statements

As Construction Consultants we can provide fully detailed method statements for elements of building works. Method statements will include details about the project and specific construction methodology. 

Pre-Start Meeting

We can attend a pre-start meeting with you or on behalf of your company. Our aim is to work as an extension on your company.


Valuations & Site Visits

If you find your project is coming in over your anticipated budget and want to make savings, we will look at various methods to cut back the scheme or reduce the specification to get the project value to the desired level.

We provide this service for an additional cost not included at the fee proposal stage.

Final Account

We will do a full review of the project to ensure everything has been valued correctly and ensure all monies are claimed for works completed on site.


Still not convinced?

Our proven award winning estimating service can save you time, hassle and stress. Our rigorous tender process ensures we iron out any pricing and specification issues and we guarantee to save at least our fees and that is why our clients love us.

We understand that you may have tried this type of service before and not got the results you wanted. We believe that starting a relationship by giving value is the best way. So we are giving you a FREE £50 VOUCHER to help you in the hope that you are the type of business owner that shares the same value. We can't wait to show you how you can win more profitable work, create more business wealth and most importantly save you time, hassle and stress.

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