How to save money with a quantity surveyor

In planning your your building project, you likely have one clear goal in mind: Get the best possible quality without going over budget. To achieve this, you might well be tempted to cut out a few things, or opt for less than the best in an attempt to keep that budget under control, but there […]

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The benefits of using construction estimate software

Construction estimating software is a hot topic at Bhangals. At least, it is among our many friends and clients who get in touch with us to ask for our advice about using it. It wasn’t that long ago that we looked thoroughly at the disadvantages of estimating software. Unsurprisingly, this prompted a slew of emails, […]

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Variations on building projects – Why do they occur?

Variations on construction projects can occur for any number of reasons to any area of the build work itself. From the initial designs right through to the working conditions, there’s a lot that can change from project launch to completion. When you’re starting out on your next project, it’s important to understand the reasons why […]

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The importance of a schedule of work

As construction experts, if there’s one single piece of advice we could give you, it would be this: Never underestimate the important role your schedule of work plays throughout the lifespan of your project. A single document serving multiple purposes, a thorough, easy to navigate schedule can often prove critical to even the simplest of […]

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The Disadvantages of Estimating Software

You don’t need us to tell you that computers have revolutionised the way we live and work in the twenty first century. From the way we run our businesses to the way we order takeaway pizza, one look around you will quickly tell you how much technology has changed things. This is certainly the case […]

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