Why Use the Services of a Quantity Surveyor

For any construction project, the last thing you want is for costs and deadlines to spiral out of control – it could lead to unhappy customers, a bad reputation and potential financial ruin for your construction business. When you start out on a new project, there are usually two figures in your mind – the one that you hope and think it might cost, and the very last resort of what you are able or willing to spend up to. No matter what the project is, it is these figures which are most critical to the success of the project.

If you’ve been in the trade for years, then you might find it easy to estimate the scale and cost of a new project, but for those who are newer to the field, then coming up with a realistic figure is much more difficult. If you’re lucky enough to have back-to-back work, then it can be even harder to find the time to do the amount of research required to come up with a sensible estimate.

Quantity Surveyor Services

Quantity surveying services play an important role in construction projects. They will provide you with a detailed assessment of the necessary materials to carry out the project and then use these quantities to produce an accurate and detailed analysis of how much the project should cost overall. A project quantity surveyor can therefore be instrumental in helping you to produce a quote for a new project. You may then find that a client’s requirements or expectations are simply not feasible for the budget that they have specified, and this is likely to go down better with them if that analysis has come from an independent source with expertise in this area.

An independent quantity surveyor that has several years’ experience in this area will not only have their personal knowledge and experience of producing costings for similar jobs, but will also have access to published cost data sources of previous jobs that have been completed.

A construction project does not just involve the cost of materials and workers, but also encompasses several other essential costs too. Construction projects may also incur fees such as professional, survey and design fees, and these need to be taken into account, as do unplanned additional costs during construction. A project which doesn’t incur any extra costs is extremely rare, so it is important to make sure these additional costs are carefully monitored and the client kept informed throughout. A quantity surveyor can also help with this by setting up a pre-agreed schedule before construction starts to analyse the evolution of the project and its costs and produce reports for the client. This can help you to establish whether reductions need to be made before it is too late.

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