How Your Construction Business Can Benefit from Quantity Surveying

A complete guide for contractors and industry professionals

Throughout the UK construction industry, more and more businesses are turning to leading Quantity Surveyors for a wide range of services, all because they understand that doing so gives them a significant advantage on every new project.

Whether its simple design advice or hands on support with planning applications, every service enables construction firms to access insightful guidance and the highest levels of industry expertise, with none of the financial or logistical drawbacks of employing their own in-house staff.

Yet that isn’t the only way that a professional Quantity Surveyor can benefit your business.

Here, Bhangals Construction Consultants look at a number of ways that our own services have played a major role in the success of our clients’ projects.

A Bespoke Solution From Multi-Skilled Professionals

More than most, Quantity Surveyors understand that every project you work on is wholly unique. What worked for one of your projects -or even for one of your competitors- is unlikely to work for you this time around.

Instead, you need a fully bespoke solution delivered by a specialist with the right combination of skills to carry out the work to the highest of standards.

Without the support of a top consultancy, this can prove difficult.

Throughout our industry, it is rare to find professionals with the kind of diverse skillsets needed to work on multiple tasks.

By the very nature of their role, Quantity Surveyors will possess all those required skills, allowing them to deliver the tailor-made solution that you need in one easy package.

Cut the Cost and Complications of Hiring Several Professionals With One Comprehensive Service

Another major benefit of accessing all the services you need from one place is that it saves you money.

Without a consultancy service on board, you’re left to hire several different industry specialists to complete individual tasks.

Not only is this more difficult to manage, it also means that you end up paying several separate fees, all of which can soon add up and take a sizeable bite out of your budget.

Working with one consultancy means having a single point of contact for your entire range of services, making the whole thing both more efficient and, ultimately, more cost effective than if you hired each service separately.

Professional Representation Throughout Your Project

Arguably the most popular reason why many small businesses and sole traders use our quantity surveying service is that we empower them to present a level of professionalism and expertise during negotiations and dealings with necessary authorities.

This includes providing representation whilst dealing with local authorities to acquire planning permissions and building control approvals, leaving clients themselves free to focus on site work.

It could also include negotiating better procurement details, or providing support in any number of circumstances unique to the individual project.

Site Acquisition Support

Right at the very earliest stages of your project, your consultancy service can provide support in identifying potential sites, assessing the feasibility of each, and ultimately determining which plot is best suited to your new development.

Design Advice and Hands On Assistance

For those projects where the design work is either already finished or at least in progress, your Quantity Surveyor can help with assessing the viability of those designs and advising on ways they could be improved to generate maximum value for the end client.

Don’t yet have that part of the project taken care of?

Leave it to your QS.

They can prepare both initial sketches and 3D visuals on your behalf, and even liaise with your clients to guarantee that designs meet expectations.

The Experience and Expertise to Overcome Any Challenge

One benefit of hiring a Quantity Surveyor which often goes overlooked by many businesses, is the unique access they’ll have to a wealth of industry experience.

To get to where they are today, your consultancy specialists will have spent years working at all levels of the construction trade, gaining invaluable insights into the most effective strategies and solutions for overcoming any challenge.

This means that, no matter what obstacle you’re faced with, you’ll have the support of a skilled and highly experienced professional who knows exactly what to do to get you past that obstacle and on your way to a successful project.


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