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What Services do we offer? – Bhangals Construction Consultants

Services we offer are included in the following- We are an award-winning tailor-made construction consultancy.

Feasibility costings 

Early on in any construction project, it is hard to tell how much it is going to cost. Feasibility costs are a way of determining whether a project can go ahead or not. Or at least to show you what is or isn’t possible.


Estimates provide a more in-depth cost analysis of a project, covering things like labour, material, and plant costs. Our experts look as detailed as they can and our budget estimates can be useful when they consider ancillary costs like fees, that often go missed.

Schedule of works

You hear it a lot, time is money. This document is used as a pricing document for contractors to price and this helps to ensure that you are getting like for like pricing. We can create a full, detailed schedule of works for you to send out to your contractors. The document will contain a summary of works with a grand total and breakdown each element of the works into sub-sections.

Contract document

The production of legally binding documents that define the work and responsibilities under the construction contract. Our documents are ironclad to give you the right level of protection.

Value engineering 

At times it is unavoidable, and a construction project comes in over budget. If this looks like it’s happening to your project our value engineering looks at cutting costs while retaining quality and satisfaction.

Valuations and site visits

These are particularly useful to enable construction monitoring at regular intervals. It allows up to date information to be shared to all parties and can make sure a project is running smoothly, on time, and on budget.

Programme of works

A programme of works is a detailed document that will look at how long each task should take and therefore the anticipated project duration. The more accurate plans are the more clarity it provides for your clients.

Development advice

A comprehensive consultancy and implementation service to help push your business through difficult hurdles and challenges during a project build. Development advice is there to support wherever necessary across many dimensions of a construction project.

Cost planning

This service focuses on the construction side of the project. As this is construction cost planning, it details and evaluates the construction costs. It will not include additional fees or expenses, it is about showing how much you can expect to pay for the building part of the project.

Full estimates 

A full or detailed estimate is developed by determining the costs and quantities of everything that a contractor will be expected to complete for a project.

Bill of quantities

A document that can give accurate projections regarding the quantities of each item needed. When done right, it can save the business a lot of time and money.

Tender analysis

Designed to remove stress and complications when choosing contractors, tender analysis means we will report on every quote tendered by various contractors. 

Pre start meetings

Allowing the construction team to meet face-to-face gives the opportunity for clarification and helps reduce the risk of delays or miscommunications. 

Final account

This document contains all the financial aspects of the project. It is the agreed statement of the amount of money to be paid to at the end of a project from the employer to the contractor(s).

Method statement

One of the most critical files in the pre-project planning. Also referred to as the “safe system of work” document. It is a step-by-step guide on how works will be completed.

Property advice

This is an umbrella term describing all building consulting niches. Need help to organize a major home building project or assisting architects on costs? Property advice can be used here. 

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