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What is a Quantity Surveyors role? – Bhangals Construction Consultants

Quantity surveyors work in the construction industry. Whether this is commercial or residential. It is a profession that many people know about and have heard. Most people know that they have something to do with construction and building. But what is it that Quantity Surveyors do? Often, we look at a Quantity Surveyor role as someone who runs the project management side of a construction project. They are there to do more than just manage the costs, although this is something that is very much in the remit of the quantity surveyor. 

It would be a far too simple description of what quantity surveying is, but you can think of them as the person who estimates and monitors all the costs involved in a building project. This should help give an idea of where they sit in the project. What the role means, however, is that they then deal with the team involved in the project. They can work closely with the commercial manager, civil engineering team and the suppliers of materials, to help keep the construction costs as low as possible. A good quantity surveyor will have a vast knowledge of the construction industry and building regulations. You will often see them visiting construction sites as well. For large projects, it is not uncommon to have a senior quantity surveyor helping too. 

Quantity surveyors role is to manage the project and so they often act as the point of contact for all involved. Part of the job involves them negotiating rates on materials and they usually take on the responsibility of Quality Assessor as well. They communicate changes, issues, and resolutions throughout the team dealing with the project and can often mediate situations where conflicts arise. The role includes pricing and forecasting spending costs, prepare tender documents such as contracts, budgets, bill of quantities, and other documents. They will also pay subcontractors, measure and value the work done on-site, write reports and deal with the client regularly. Quantity surveyors roles are essential to a construction project and work hard to be good at what they do.

Before a quantity surveyor takes on the high-pressured job of managing projects for their clients, they go through plenty of education to get there. Whether this is through an accredited degree or using a postgraduate conversion course, they need to obtain qualifications. There are different routes that a quantity surveyor can take to get there. Qualifications can come from the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) or the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to become a chartered quantity surveyor. Part of the RICS route means they will have done an Assessment of Professional Competence (APC), which can offer some peace of mind that they know what they are doing.

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