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How Construction Will Change in 2020 – Bhangals Construction Consultants

The construction industry is just like every other industry… those operating within it need to embrace new industry trends and technological innovations in order to stay agile and competitive, Construction will change. And while time honored construction techniques will always have a place in the building trade, the 2020s will see some exciting new trends grow to prominence. Whatever the size or nature of your construction firm, you can expect to see the following changes play a large part in the industry’s evolution throughout the coming decade… 

The rise of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been on the rise for some time now with exciting domestic and industrial applications. We can expect more internet enabled devices to make their way into the construction sector to help firms better manage and account for their plant.

As well as IoT boxes which can be attached to a range of tools to track their whereabouts, there are now sophisticated IoT enabled construction tools making their way into the market to help facilitate better project management by showing where tools are, how they are being used and when they require maintenance.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

IoT isn’t the only way in which the digital world will aid the construction industry in 2020. Expect to see a rise in the implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. This creates and manages data at every stage of the project’s life cycle, helping to estimate construction costs and material needs to eliminate the possibility of waste and overspending. 

A strong focus on sustainable construction

In this digitally enlightened age, Construction will change, we can no longer turn a blind eye to the effects that our operations and consumer habits have on the environment. As such, all industries are trying to find more sustainable and ecologically responsible ways of operating. The construction industry (which accounts for almost 18% of all global emissions) will integrate greener technologies, use more sustainable materials and drive a shift towards longer lasting, more sustainable projects.

Self-healing asphalt, air conditioning that uses natural thermal currents and bricks made from recycled materials will all play a part in this sustainability shift.

Powerful project management tools

Alongside sustainability, efficiency is a top priority for the construction industry. There are already a wealth of powerful and versatile Project Management tools on the market to help foremen and managers better manage their materials, personnel, assets and plant. 

As well as creating live “to do” lists, these apps can help provide instant oversight on progress and avoid time inefficiencies via real time communications with all team members. 

Exoskeletal suits to lend a helping hand when lifting

Remember those robotic exosuits from Aliens? Something very similar is poised to take the construction industry by storm, facilitating easier lifting of heavy materials while reducing the risk of workplace injuries. Exoskeletal suits are poised to enter the market early this year and can amplify user’s strength 20 to 1 while taking pressure off their muscles and joints. Welcome news in an industry where back injuries are so commonplace. 

With so many exciting changes on the horizons, construction firms are perfectly positioned to usher in a new era of productivity, efficiency and sustainability. 

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