Why use a Quantity Surveyor?

Experienced quantity surveyors are worth their weight in gold. The role they play in construction projects is far more than just being there to manage the costs. Selecting the right quantity surveyor will allow you to bring in a project manager and commercial manager that can help with your building project. You’ll want to be involved and probably have areas that you can bring great experience to. However, you will also need help. Do you really want to spend all your time chasing all parties involved in the project? Trying to sort disputes, delays on materials, invoice issues?

Other Tasks

The main task of a quantity surveyor is to estimate and create a cost plan and budget for the building project. However, they also carry out numerous other tasks and can be involved in many areas of the construction. These other tasks include planning, creating project programmes, value engineering, conduct feasibility studies, building contracts, tender analysis, producing valuation of works and producing work packages. Part of the role they do can also cover quality checking the materials purchased for the project. There isn’t much they can’t get involved in and they can advise on most areas of the build.

Finding a Chartered Quantity Surveyor

When it comes to finding a chartered quantity surveyor, senior quantity surveyor, even an assistant quantity surveyor you want someone with experience. We have already seen a long list of areas that a quantity surveyor gets involved in. If that isn’t enough to convince you why you should use one. We’ve got lots more that we do as well.

Additional Services

We mentioned that you can get more than a quantity surveyor with the right choice, you get a project manager. In order to do this they get involved with all of the areas we’ve pointed out but they also help with building and measure surveys, insurance assessments and claims assistance, planning applications, negotiations, pre-acquisition surveys, quality control, and ensuring that a project remains on or under budget. It is the understanding of the Quantity Surveyor and the experience they bring that allows them to keep projects running smoothly. In terms of their title you get a quantity surveyor, but in reality, you get someone who is an estimator, designer, engineer, contractor, and mediator. They get the best value for each area of the spend.

Working with just one person

Working with a quantity surveyor allows you to concentrate on the parts of the project you want to deal with. They pick up the rest. You can deal with one person who can then control the rest of the team involved in project. They will keep an accurate projection of the costs to let you know where you are and help keep you on track. Above all they will be able to give you objective advice along the way.

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