Estimating Services

We are carrying out estimating services for general builders on various extensions and refurbishments with values ranging from £10k up to £2million. Recently we have offered estimating services for various single and double storey extensions and offer very competitive rates to save you time and money.

At Bhangals Construction Consultants we understand the importance of estimating services. Whether it be offering building estimating services to builders and contractors or construction estimating service to private clients, developers and architects our exclusive construction estimating service helps all our customers get a grasp on their anticipated construction costs. We work on a wide variety of projects from small residential new builds up to large commercial new builds and everything in-between. Our estimators will ensure they include for any assumptions or exclusions they have made and all details will be clear within the estimate. The key objective of Bhangals estimating services UK is to ensure you get a document which is gives you an accurate indication of the build costs.