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Construction Estimating for New Build Basement and House in London

At Bhangals we offer one of the leading construction estimating services in the UK. Our estimators worked closely with the architect and structural engineer on the new build basement and house in Chigwell. Our estimate came to approx £2million and this give the client and indication of their costs prior to putting the project out to tender.

Bhangals offer a very accurate and efficient construction estimating service at very good rates. The purpose of the construction estimating service is to help our clients understand the cost implications of their project. At Bhangals we offer estimating services in the UK to contractors, builders and private clients. It is essential when carrying our project estimating, that you understand all the costs that include all associated construction costs.

At Bhangals we ensure that our quantity surveyors and estimators have live on site experience and work alongside our project managers. This means they are always up to date with new practices and procedures which are carried out on site. When we carry out construction estimating for our clients we are confident in our ability to be accurate. This is because our estimators and quantity surveyors have the onsite experience to be able to  think logically about the logistics of a job and therefore use live industry rates for labour and materials.  Our estimating services in the UK are done in a variety of formats. They can start from basic square meter costs and elemental costs up to very detailed cost build and cost estimates. The format all depends on the client’s requirements. Our construction estimating and project estimating services are bespoke to every client and we will be sure to offer you the very best deal.

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