Quantity Surveying Services for Basement Dig to New Build Apartments

As Quantity surveyors in London we have completed the valuation and estimating services on a basement dig for new build apartments in London. This tight and very compact site required accurate quantity surveying services in London and top class project management services in order to successfully complete the 4m basement dig. The site is ready for the basement slab and walls to be formed in order to start the superstructure. Our in house quantity surveying department organised the bill of quantities for the basement dig package and this was successfully put out to tender. At Bhangals we take great pride in our quantity surveying services, not only do we supply quantity surveying services to private clients but we also offer an extensive range estimating services in London and project management services in London.  At Bhangals all our quantity surveyors and estimators have live on site experience and work alongside our project managers, this means they are always up to date with new practices and procedures which are carried out on site. When we carry our quantity surveying services and estimating services for contractors we are confident in our ability to be very accurate because our estimators in London and quantity surveyors in London have the on site experience to be able to logically think about the logistics of a job and use live industry rates for labour and materials.

At Bhangals our quantity surveyors and estimators have a wide knowledge of basement digging.  Within Bhangals Construction Consultants Ltd we try to ensure that our quantity surveying services, estimating services and project management services work hand in hand so that projects are successful in all areas in terms of time, cost and quality. By doing this we ensure that our clients are kept happy. It is our aim to ensure all our projects run smoothly and to do this we have to work closely with all the other consultants on the project which includes the architects, main contractors, H&S consultants, structural consultants and M&E consultants. Our Quantity Surveyors in London and Project Managers in London have developed procedures to ensure the projects are run efficiently.